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A note wings it’s way here from Trev in Australia. Trev, as regular readers will recall, is a Walsall Wood ex-pat.

Hi Bob

I am Trevor in Australia who you did those wonderful videos for, As I know that you are interested in all things nature I thought you might enjoy these photos that I took in Christchurch New Zealand.

I hope that you can see what i am trying to show you as I took the photos through a dirty camper van window. A white Sparrow with some common ones, Have you or perhaps our friends on the blog ever seen one,

Cheers Bob from Trevor,

Ps Bob your Blog is so good for me Thanks Mate

Cheers for the note and pictures, Trev. Glad you enjoy it. I’ve never seen a white sparrow before. Is it a species local to New Zealand, or is it a genetic oddity? Fascinating.

Hope you’re feeling better, old chap. I’m so pleased that you’re feeling a connection to The Wood through my work.

Best wishes


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