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April 21st - Not a bad bank holiday, all-in-all. It started grey, but by the time I got out at 2pm the weather was brighter and warmer than it had been for days. It was hazy, and the sun was breaking through occasionally. I headed out to Harlaston again - but this time, I went by a direct route, and at Clifton Campville, headed to Lullington and Coton in the Elms. From there to Rosliston, then back along the Trent and Tame to Lichfield and home.

The north-easterly was a grim wind to head out into, and it was quite a battle, but it was nice to have it behind me on my return. 

Note that the cherry blossom in Whittington - the top picture - is a good two weeks earlier than a similar picture I have from May 4th, 2010. It certainly has been an early spring this year.

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