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May 6th - Three years ago, I took and posted a photo of the glade of Ramsons (or wild garlic) in the Arrow Valley Park in Redditch. For some reason an odd, quite poor photo of a common British plant has earned over 10,600 likes and reblogs on Tumblr, It’s far and away my most popular post on this journal ever, and I have absolutely no idea why, it’s bizarre.

Today, I had to go to Redditch early - a rare occurrence these days. I stopped off to check out the glade this year - it’s still gorgeous. The smell - a heady, full on odour just like normal garlic - is astounding. This really is a remarkable plant.

Bear in mind this glade is no more than a few hundred yards from heavy industry, and about a mile from Redditch town centre. It’s a remarkable place, Redditch, in lots of ways.

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    I LOVE this man’s blog, it’s simply beautiful and reminds me of the homeland :)
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