BrownhillsBob's #365daysofbiking


My favourite ride today, I do it so often I could probably do it with my eyes closed if it wasn’t for those pesky drivers, children and dogs!

Whilst watching a pair of herons in the Goscote Valley I wondered (to myself) how many breeding pairs of herons there are in Walsall. Today we saw 6 herons so there’s obviously lots about but do they breed sucessfully and does anyone record this?

The broom is adding vibrant colour to the hedgerows at the moment along with its heady scent.

My only gripe today was the arrogant male dog walker in Pelsall who refused to put his dogs on a lead resulting in me having to brake sharply in order to avoid crashing into the one that walked into my path. When I asked him why as a common courtesy he had failed to do this I was told to ‘cycle on’. Think of a word that rhymes with anchor.

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