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May 28th - I took loads of photos of flowers on the canal bank tonight. They looked super in the rain.

Sadly, the lens had an unnoticed rain smear on it and they were all terrible. Such is life.

I did manage to record more marsh orchids. Not sure if they’re the same kind as the northern marsh orchids of yesterday - these are some way away - but they look similar. I’m fascinated by them, as they seem to be recent arrivals here. I’m sure I’d have noticed such a gorgeous flower before. 

Thanks to Susan, Guest and Indesperateneedofsomeadventures for wildflower identification corrections and advice yesterday. I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll never be any cop with botany. I really am useless with the flowers.

However, I have decided my guide book is cobblers - I’m using the Collins Guide, and the pictures are too small (which explains maybe why I default to mallow!) - what guide would folks recommend? The internet isn’t much use for identifying flora and fauna.

Suggestions gratefully received!

  1. indesperateneedofsomeadventures said: Oh and the orchids look more like Southern Marsh orchids, lighter in colour but they hybridize so they could be a mixture of species. Good Luck!
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