BrownhillsBob's #365daysofbiking

May 31st - He was in the middle of a busy lane at Shenstone Woodend, just sitting there. I spotted him by chance, and just swerved to miss him. I screeched to a halt and thought what to do.

He could fly short distances, but was clearly exhausted, and I couldn’t get him out of the road for love nor money. I know you’re not supposed to touch fledging chicks, but he was going to get squished under the wheels of the many vehicles that come this way.

I gently picked him up, and popped in in the hedge right next to where I found him. I hope he survived.

Anyone know what he is? I think he’s a tit of some sort.

Edit: Thanks to Fatuoussunbeams - he’s a blue tit. Thought he was, but after my recent dire attempts at botany I’m hedging my bets! Cheers…

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